Pyramid system of training

31st October 2016

Pyramid system of training Based on the principles of  progressive resistance as demonstrated  by Delorme and watkins ,this involves  the performance of multiple sets across a range of resistances will stimulate all Muscle fibres types  and cause greater hypertrophy than performing  all sets of one resistance ,which you start with a lighter weight for a higher number of repetitions and, for each set, you increase the weight and decrease the…


Any questions and answers

22nd October 2016

If I Lift Weights, Will I Get Bigger Muscles? Hypertrophy depends on three basic factors: genetics, gender and training intensity. Genetics is mostly manifested as muscle fiber type; people with predominantly fast-twitch fibers acquire larger muscles more easily than people with predominantly slow-twitch fibers. In relation to gender, males acquire larger muscles than females do, because males have greater amounts of testosterone and other sex hormones that influence protein metabolism…


six week training program for women

17th October 2016

6-Week Weight Training Plan for Women To keep the pounds at bay, cut back on cardio for a few weeks to focus on strength training exercises that increase metabolism and build lean muscle and experience the after effects of exercise Are you cardio-ing yourself to death? Yes, running, cycling, and hitting the elliptical religiously can absolutely help you drop pounds—especially when you have a lot to lose, but remember the…


pre-exhaust method of training

11th October 2016

Pre -exhaust training method This method is essential for those who want to stimulate growth of a particular muscle group in order to balance muscle size or for athletes who want to deal with weakness in particular areas This involves performing an isolation exercise for a muscle group followed by a compound exercise for the same muscle group. Execution Perform a set of isolation to failure then a compound with…


Main weights training methods for quick results

Main training methods Partial repetition methods of training Matrix method or break down training system which involves performing an exercise in stages of movements A typical example is performing a biceps curl 21s exercise where the lower 90 degrees of the movement is performed seven times the upper 90 degrees performed  seven times  and finally, the full  biceps curl performed  seven times , this time this work out is also…

4th October 2016