Itching during exercises and causes

  The most recent theory of the cause of itchiness during exercise is related to the bodies release of  histamine during exercise, which is a known vasodilator, that is, it causes the blood vessels to dilate or open up. In some people, this expansion of blood vessels may be felt as an itchy irritation by the nervous system. The science of the histamine response is still growing and researchers continue…

30th April 2017

Eight Essential Sports Nutrition supplements

Fitness has, thanks to greater nutritional awareness, which has changed dramatically over the last decade. Though it retains an intense focus on training, nutritional supplements have crept into the diet of even the least casual gym goers. From protein supplements to amino acids, the language and detail of targeted nutrition supplementation have become commonplace. But which ones are essential to your workout and post-workout routines? Here’s eight: Whey Protein – The…

4th April 2017