Anxiety ,Depression & Mental well being

Self awareness  and Isolation  may cause  anxiety and depression 

Since the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic, many of us are uncertain of what tomorrow will bring as the quarantine times continue to take a toll on us.

Here are a few pointers that could help you survive spiraling negative thoughts about this uncertain time:

Quarantine ritual could be beneficial

With this newfound time, why not do something special during these quarantined days? Like a hobby or jotting  down thoughts and feelings to reflect on later and a walk late evening  it really needs an activity to add to every day  and creating something and auditing what you have done during the day will make your day more exciting and you will be looking forward to the next day other than worrying of what to do.


Habits of self-care

It’s easy to slip into the habit of sleeping late, spending all day in your pyjamas and eating junk food, but looking after yourself is essential for your mental health. Even simple tasks such as washing your face can feel difficult sometimes, but they can make a big difference to the way you feel, Just open windows for good ventilation and keeping to a good meals routine can help to discipline on not over eating .



It’s important to have supplies at home to avoid added stress. If you are self-isolating and unable to leave the house even to shop, you’ll need to make plans. It is best to not let anxiety grow into your mental state as thinking about not having food in the Fridge can increase stress and trigger bad feeling.

The great Exercise Routines are a life giver

Movement is medicine, moving is easier said than done when you feel low or anxious any movements can significantly help boost immunity and mood and in turn increase your resting edge.

Wherever you see sunshine get into the habit of getting a good sun as Vitamin D will help boost your wellbeing and trigger feel good factors and boost immunity too with various benefits.

There are various exercise videos on line and for most ages  and abilities ,this includes  yoga  and cardio work outs  and under government regulations you are allowed to leave your home for one form of exercise  (such as running, walking or cycling) per day but in addition, you’re still able to use your garden as long as you don’t come within two metres of anyone you don’t live with.

Friends checking on you by calls or messages

Regularly checking in with people, either online or by phone. That way, you can offer support to anyone struggling or reach out to others if you need to.

Even just sending daily updates can help us feel more connected and less alone during these difficult times.

Do not feel alone always good to speak to people and comfort or support.


Keep your Mind occupied


Writing down your thoughts and feelings can help offload any worries and fears you may have. It’s also important to try to keep busy, whether that means going for a daily walk or learning a new skill. There are still plenty of activities you can engage with at home, including crafts, painting, reading, cooking and baking.

“If you feel low, keeping a journal can be a helpful way to unload emotions. Take things a day at a time – planning may have once been essential but projection can evoke fear and anxiety


You are number one

If you don’t feel up to doing anything, though, that’s fine too. It’s important to be kind to yourself and recognise when you need a break.

“Take care of yourself, focus on your recovery, and you’ll get through this nothing lasts for ever like change   and focus on positive things.


Obsessing over endless Coronavirus coverage

Freeing up your day from work or social obligations gives you plenty of time to obsess, and if you have a tendency to consult Google for every itch and sneeze, you may be over-researching the pandemic as well. Choosing only credible websites a limited amount of time each day (perhaps for 15 minutes is enough for updates otherwise it may overwhelm the mind and trigger badness.

And finally, if you feel really cornered then seek professional help with all possibilities including good Samaritans

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