Insufficient proteins

31st August 2016

Insufficient protein can be very harm full to the body as it causes atrophy of muscles to set in ,Irritability ,fatigue and lethargy also enema and immune system suppression can occur . A large protuberant belly and dermatitis which lead to permanent discoloration of the skin can occur and in severe cases coma can fatal. A typical western diet provides a good deal more protein than most people require ….


Should we take proteins supplements?

20th August 2016

There are lots of reasons why someone might decide to start taking a supplement. They might do so based on recommendations from friends and family, opinions on the internet or having seen it displayed in a shop and also curiosity. In most instances displaying a photo of a celebrity alongside a protein bottle is just enough to get into our pockets There are still many misconceptions regarding protein shakes. Firstly,…



15th August 2016

#pressups #onearm #fitness #strength #conditioning #core #gym #Motivation #arms A video posted by charles Buyinza (@quickfitnessfix) on Aug 10, 2016 at 7:28am PDT These are few of the answers to frequent questions in nutrition asked by my clients who are happy to share their questions with you also feel free to ask me about nutrition and I will be able to give you my opinion. Should I mix carbohydrates and…