Common fitness Jargons used in Fitness


Understand This Fitness Jargons

  1. Aesthetics 

–       To look good and pleasing

How to use it: “She’s been working hard. Aesthetically she’s looking hot.”

  1. Beasting it up

– Intensity training, anything involving intense effort and mentality

How to use it: “That guy is proper beasting it up in the pit!”

  1. Boulders

–       Shoulders that are solid as rock and built as strong as steel

How to use it: “Mate, your boulders are looking solid.”

  1. Bro science

– Word of mouth ‘knowledge’ passed off as factual

Bro science in action: “Bro, you must take 50g of protein within 10 minutes of finishing your workout or it’ll be wasted.”

  1. Bulking

– The process of adding muscle mass to one’s body through strength training and nutrition.

How to use it: “Breakfast of champions this morning?” “Yeah, I’m bulking up – need the protein

  1. Cardio bunny

–  A female Gym-Goer who spends her entire workout on cardio equipment

 How to use it: “Look at that cardio bunny, she’s been on that treadmill for over an hour!”

  1. Cheap reps

–  When muscle fatigue begins to set in or the weight is too heavy, some athletes employ improper form to make a lift, using surrounding muscle Groups or even momentum to assist in the movement.

How to use it: “You’re getting lazy doing those cheat reps. Go hard or go home.”

  1. Cutting up

– Stripping the body of excess body fat while retaining maximum muscularity

How to use it: “Big night out Friday- it’s time to start cutting up.”

  1. DOMS

–       Delayed onset of muscular soreness .That aching feeling you get days after a workout

How to use it: “Talk about sore. I’ve got a bad case of Doms.”

  1. Forced reps

–  Additional repetitions of an exercise performed with the help of a partner when you’re unable to do anymore reps on your own.

How to use it: “How many more forced reps you doing?” “I’m getting beasted today – give me more.”

  1. Freak

–  A ‘head turner’. Body builder with unreal muscle development. People usually stare at these individuals like a rare specimen unseen before in nature.

How to use it: “That guy was an incredible size/shape! He was a freak of nature.”

  1. Full

– The appearance of muscular tightness. The best competitive bodybuilders manage to look both full and shredded.

How to use it: “Look over there. That lad is full – he’s an absolute specimen.”

  1. Gains

– Dieting and training correctly to give you all kinds of gains!

How to use it: “Gains is what it’s all about – no pain, no gain.”

  1. Guns

–  Another word for pumped upper arm muscles, biceps and triceps.

How to use it: “Anyone want two tickets to the gun show?”

  1. Iron maiden

– Smashes the myth that women shouldn’t lift. Not afraid to beast it up in the pit with the bodybuilder freaks.

How to use it: “Look at the weights that Iro

  1. Isolation

– A technique that focuses work on an individual muscle without secondary or assisting muscle Groups being involved, which provides maximum muscle definition. A good example is the seated dumbbell concentration curl.

How to use it: “Isolation day and I’m ready to get a pump on. It’s a chest day.”

  1. Judy Dench

– A slang term for hench, someone strong-looking or muscular.

How to use it: “He looks well Judy”

  1. Maxing out

–  Lifting heavy weights for one rep.

How to use it: “You maxing out today?” “I’m taking it to the limit and going big.”

  1. Miring

– Short for admiring. post work-out pose in front of the mirror and sharing the selfie on social media.

How to use it: “You ‘miring me? I’ve worked hard to achieve this.”

  1. Muscle confusion

– A technique to counteract the slowing of growth when muscles adapt to the training demands placed upon them. to keep growing and getting stronger, a bodybuilder needs to vary his/her sets, reps, rest, weight used and exercise angles during each workout.

How to use it: “I’m not confused – my muscles are though, and I’m gonna be Dench this time next year.”

  1. Newbie

A person new to the gym environment with no experience of equipment and lacking in fitness and technique.

How to use it: “Look at that total newbie. All the gear and no idea.”

  1. Prepping

– The process of dieting and training to get shredded for a competition.

How to use it: “Time to start prepping my meals.”

  1. Progressive overload

– Gradually adding more resistance during training exercises as your strength increases.

How to use it: “It’s progressive overload time – I’m gonna stack and go!”

  1. Skull crusher

– The lying French press, in which you lower a barbell from full extension above your head down to your forehead and then extend at the elbows to press it back up

How to use it: “Whoa – you’re about to do a Skull Crusher – I’m gonna spot you.”

  1. Stacking

– Adding more weights to your workout in order to set your personal best, build strength and increase muscle mass.

How to use it: Get ’em stacked

  1. Swollen

–       Having large, well-developed muscles.

How to use it: “Bro – you look swollen today.”

  1. V-taper 

– The term used to describe the so-called bodybuilding look which requires
the athlete to have wide shoulders. Big back and small mid-section. When that look is achieved the outlines of the torso form the letter “v”.

How to use it: “That guy over there has the best V-Taper I’ve ever seen.”

  1. Vascular 

–  The visibility of veins on a bodybuilder as a result of exercise and low bodyfat (and perhaps higher blood volume).

How to use it: “I’m making it vein in the gym today – time to go vascular.”



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