Main weights training methods for quick results

Main training methods

Partial repetition methods of training

Matrix method or break down training system which involves performing an exercise in stages of movements

A typical example is performing a biceps curl 21s exercise where the lower 90 degrees of the movement is performed seven times the upper 90 degrees performed  seven times  and finally, the full  biceps curl performed  seven times , this time this work out is also used for abdominal work outs.

Endurance athletes can use this method to improve endurance, focus on a particular range of movement or improve coordination

Strip sets, drop sets, down the rack

If you want to gain muscle in a short time then this is for you.

Performing a set to failure then using lighter weights to perform additional reps continues to recruit motor units and fast twitch muscle fibres because of the muscles fatigued sate The increased fatigue and recruitment leads to improved hypertrophy and strength, the additional reps give a good pump (short term hypertrophy)

A variety of equipment can be used for this technique the term strip set usually refers to using a machine and then drop set to using free weights.

More fast twitch muscle fibres are recruited as they are unaware of the surprises a head of switching to lighter weights and further faster twitch are recruited in the process

Be aware of DOMS in this method of training and involvement of bad techniques which may lead to injury

Cheating method

This method involves performing additional reps after failure in a bad technique intentionally

This cheating method involves performing a set to failure with good technique then intentionally using momentum to another repetition or two.


As a word of caution this technique is potentially dangerous as poor technique can cause bone, joint or soft tissue injury


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