New Year health and Fitness Resolutions



If you started a new year fitness regime last week, make sure you keep going strong as we enter the second week of the year. Choose realistic sessions for your ability and goals.

Always add a short warm-up and cool-down and during the hotter weather if you are outdoors choose a location close to water so you can have a recovery plunge straight after.

No sugar, no alcohol, no soft drink, less coffee, more fruit and vegetables, more water … they are some of the nutrition goals I have heard people set themselves for 2019.

Making nutritional changes to improve your health is a common goal for many when the new year rolls around.

But how many are achievable? And how many people are able to stick to them?

If you’re going to make a New Year’s resolution then make it about getting more organised for keeping fit and living health especially resting and wellness ideas.

Try cutting down take a way as they may ruin your routine, but take away can also be minimised for healthy ones

The best is to write out the healthy meals and a plan of how to get some fitness to offset those extra calories

“For each of those meals, aim to cook enough for two nights. If you live in a house where if you cook more people eat more, make it a dish where half of it can go in the freezer.”

Being healthy does not mean you have to be a master chef.

“It’s about having things that are easy to assemble and serve and enjoy a meal.

“Things like chicken breast. You can barbecue or grill those and have them with one of the bags of green-type lettuce, cherry tomatoes, avocado, a can of beetroot and a bag of bread rolls and you’ve got an easy uber-healthy meal that will be cheaper than anything you can buy.”

Increase a variety of your meals as this will boost vitamins and micro nutrients.

Instead of planning to lose 30 pounds plan to have healthy meals as a simple choice to reduce the caloric intake and balance more calories out and less in is more  sensible .

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