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Tri –Sets

Listen to your body, learn its idiosyncrasies, and embrace it like a friend. What follows is a guide to Tri-sets and how they produce results This includes three exercises back to back. This involves shocking muscles and will lead to greater hypotrophy. This involves no rest in between each exercise until the whole three exercises are done for example: Wide grip chin ups followed pushups, and shoulder press. Very time…



#pressups #onearm #fitness #strength #conditioning #core #gym #Motivation #arms A video posted by charles Buyinza (@quickfitnessfix) on Aug 10, 2016 at 7:28am PDT These are few of the answers to frequent questions in nutrition asked by my clients who are happy to share their questions with you also feel free to ask me about nutrition and I will be able to give you my opinion. Should I mix carbohydrates and…