Stress management and Disorder

Stress management and mindful exercises 

When we wish for something different than we have then we get stressed. In the recent survey made in the work place 70% of employees are disengaged from work. Then when you take into consideration our relationships and financial security and healthy these are all epidemics we cannot do away with.

The medical definition of stress is the perception of a real or imagined threat to your body or your ego.

Chronic stress literally wreaks you apart causing digestive issues insulin resistance, high blood sugar and obesity.

Stress will suppress your immune system and inhibit mental processing and focus furthermore it causes depression, anxiety and digestive disorders.Are you drinking a lot of coffee ?

Even if you eat well you cannot es ape stresses kicking if the factors causing it are not addressed. But some times every one as an aspect of their lives that creates stress may be family or grandchildren and all sorts of happenings in their environment

But more of the stress comes from work and family or a combination of both.

Check out for these symptoms:

-impaired cognitive function

-Changes in memory

-Digestive problems


-Sleep issues

-Mood swings



-Craving for sugar and caffeine

-A weakened immured system

Medication and exercise are the most valuable tools to combat chronic stress but you must find one that works perfectly for you, it is better if you did them both

Especially mindful meditation will have a more adverse effect in the reduction of stress because it affects mostly the anxiety stress and social anxiety.

Mediation brings heightened awareness of the patterns of our thoughts behaviour and emotions we experience.

Scientific research recommends meditations movement like the cardiovascular exercises and spending time outside in nature.

You need a 20- 30 min exercises of a steady state cardio vascular work out in your target heart rate zone

As the stress response is different from every one so must be the methods used to manage it,

It is highly y recommended to exercise out door as it boosts mood Stress and Exercise to better health

Also, group exercise can bring harmony to a group of individuals and these sessions will last from 20=60 minutes and intensity of about 50%to 60% percent.

If being in a group is not your kind of thing then you need to test it out gradually and until you are confident enough to be in the group.

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